Nigeria turns 100 years as a nation this year 2014. We have come a long way from the discovery of a nation once only known and defined by the name it was given, a nation that its identity was only a figment of one’s imagination, a nation where though we called it home, we were distant from the decision making table. Though Nigeria is of diverse background, culture, and political interest the fibre that holds us together has proven to be stronger than our cultural divide. We have indeed come a long way. We are by no means where we ought to be, or where we expected we would be by now, but we are forging ahead. 
We are not celebrating because we are well accomplished as a nation. We definitely have a long journey ahead of us. However, it is said that one does not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Therefore, celebrate we will. We celebrate because in spite of our shortcomings we are still one nation, we are on the right side of history democratically making strides little by little. We celebrate our freedom as a people, and the potentials we have as a nation. We celebrate because come what may we love our nation. We are a patriotic and proud people of the Republic of Nigeria. We celebrate any hint of good, and hope for a better future for our beloved Nigeria, our home sweet home, the beautiful land of our birth.
I call on all good and loyal Nigerians to come and join in the celebration of our nation’s hundredth year birthday. Come celebrate our culture, our identity, our way of life. Let’s celebrate the Nigerian way. This will be a 3-Day long celebration showcasing Nigerian cultural arts and artefacts (art exhibitions), fashion show chronicling Nigerian traditional wears from 1914 till date, centenary lecture that will discuss the role of Nigerians in Diaspora in the socio-economic growth of Nigeria (providing us with the opportunity to hear and be heard from by the key figures in our nation’s government and economic sector), and a gala and an award night honouring Nigerians both at home and here in Diaspora who have distinguished themselves and made great accomplishments towards the socio economic development of Nigeria, and towards our image and reputation in general.  
We have come a long way and yet much more awaits us. We are all aware that we could use a great deal of change in our nation Nigeria. However, the greater majority of us do more wishing than applying themselves; thereby leaving only a few to do the leg work. We have forgotten or underestimated the effect of collective power. Somehow we have believed for so long someone else is going to take care of it for us. But the truth is that it will take bits of contribution from all of us to achieve our goal. We can only realize the changes we long for when we start participating in what concerns us like the affairs of our nation, and quit the age old habit of sitting on the side-lines with endless commentaries. Let us seize the bull by the horn this time, and begin to change our beloved nation by lending our voices and expertise. We must take a stand to leave our country Nigeria better than we found it, for ourselves and for the generation after us. That much we owe ourselves and our children after us.
Prince Chris Enweremadu 
President & CEO
Royal Maids LLC
New York, USA.

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