Right at the heart of the Nigerian Centenary Week in the United States of America (USA) in September is the 2-day Exhibition of Nigerian Arts and Culture which will attract participants from Nigeria and Nigerian artist and curators in Diaspora.
The Exhibition will showcase Nigerian traditional fabrics and accessories such as Aso-oke, Akwuete, beads, Ankara (tie and die), hides and skin and such bi-products made from them.
We will also host a Nigerian Fashion Parade which will showcase the evolution of fashion, cultural and traditional attires in Nigeria between 1914 and 2014. Visitors and the international community will get a better understanding of the country called Nigeria.
There is really no better way to celebrate Nigeria’s 100 years of Nationhood through many obstacles than to tell the Nigerian story through arts and culture at a world stage. The National Troupe and other Cultural Dance groups from Nigeria, Dance and Cultural in the USA and from other parts of the world will be on hand to add color and entertain visitors.
Participation at the Exhibition is open to Nigerian Artist/Curators and Fashion designers in Diaspora and from Nigeria. Art galleries showcasing Nigerian historic artefacts can equally participate.

VENUE – Grand Ballroom,
630 Sencond Avenue, New York
NY 10016 USA

DATE: 27th Sept. 2014


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