Awards/Gala Night:

The Nigerian Centenary Awards will be hosted alongside a colorful Gala Night that will showcase the best of Nigerian Culture in the USA. The Awards process will recognize and reward Nigerians in Diaspora who;

(i)            have excelled in different fields of human endeavors and in so doing projected the image of Nigeria positively and

(ii)           despite obvious challenges have made visible investments in the Nigerian economy.

There seems to be more negative impressions about Nigerian citizens living abroad than their positive sides and contributions to global development and socio-economic growth. Nigerian professionals in Diaspora rank among the best wherever they are found. The international press and critics of Nigeria hardly give them a line of credit. This informed our decision to institute the Nigerian Centenary Awards process. The Nigerian Centenary Awards in the USA will recognize and celebrate the best of Nigeria in Diaspora and indeed the gifts of this uncelebrated country to the world and in so doing motivate them and others to greater heights of achievements.

The Nigerian Centenary Awards will also identify and celebrate individuals and institutions (public and private) who have worked tirelessly to deepen the democratic process in Nigeria, people who have shown exemplary leadership and in so doing shape the psyche of majority of the populace, contributed to the development of Nigeria and or bettered the wellbeing of Nigerians in Nigeria.

You can nominate Nigerians in Diaspora and individuals/institutions in Nigeria for an Award. Please include a brief description of what accomplishments the nominee has achieved.

Fashion Show:

A huge part of the Nigerian Centenary Week in the USA in July is our hosting of a Nigerian Fashion Show which will showcase the evolution of fashion, royal regalia, cultural and traditional attires in Nigeria between 1914 and 2014. Visitors will get a better understanding of the country called Nigeria.

There is really no better way to celebrate Nigeria’s 100 years of Nationhood through many obstacles than to tell the Nigerian story through fashion displayed at a world stage. Distinguished Traditional/Nigerian fashion designers in diaspora will be welcomed to join this grand exhibition of their talents on this world’s stage. There is no better stage to showcase your talent than here. This fashion show will attract participants from Nigeria and Nigerian designers and stylists in Diaspora.

Participation at the fashion show is open to Nigerian fashion designers and stylists in Diaspora and from Nigeria. We encourage fashion designers who are interested in participating in the fashion show to register quickly. Go to ‘contact us’ and speak to our event planner after you register.


VENUE – Grand Ballroom,
630 Sencond Avenue, New York
NY 10016 USA

DATE: 27th Sept. 2014


To send your nominee(s) please CLICK HERE

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